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20 FT Inflatable Christmas Tree

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There are two different styles of 20 FT inflatable Christmas tree to select from on this post.

We tried to include more but we could only find two. One of them is pretty expensive when the two of them are being compared.

Let’s talk a little more about the Christmas tree that is all green color with a yellow star on the top of the tree.

The exact measurements for this inflatable are about 236 inches tall and if you convert into foot it would be around 19.66 foot.

Every thing is included for the set up which means you don’t have to buy additional items for it to work. It includes the ground stakes, blower and tethers.

All you have to do is just plug it into a standard outlet for it to self inflate and you can deflate it for storage when it is not in use.

We also would like to mention this tree doesn’t light up like the other inflatables but you can use spot lights for night time viewing.

Here are a few notes to remember – you shouldn’t be using this tree when it has strong winds and storms. You shouldn’t use it when the weather is below 14 degrees in Fahrenheit.

Bottom Line: This is a very nice Christmas tree. So far it has a pretty high average rating even though not that many people have given it a rating. You can click here to buy or to read more reviews.

Christmas Tree with Star & LED Lights

Here is another style of inflatable Christmas tree in around the same size. This one has a little more decoration on the tree, like stars, ornaments, and bows. This design is quite expensive and it also takes a while to get it.

If you really like this one then you should probably order it ahead of time to be able to use it for Christmas outdoor decoration.


20 FT Christmas inflatable tree
20 FT Christmas Inflatable Tree

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