Sunday , March 21 2021
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About Me

Hello, thanks for stopping by the about me page at My name is Cindy and I am from the lone star state. If you don’t have a place to go on vacation, you should give this place a visit.

We have two boys and sadly we currently don’t own any cats. We would love to own another one but we can’t, because my boys are allergic to them.

We used to own a lovely black and white cat named “Lucky“, but she is not with us anymore. We have missed her dearly. So we are pretty envious of others who can own a cute kitty cat.

Even though we can’t own one we can still dream about it and help others to find the best cat beds for their cats, right?

This whole website is pretty much dedicated to the topic of cats’ beds or houses. It might also consists of some helpful articles that of course are related to cats.