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Banana Shaped Cat Bed

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Which one of these banana shaped cat beds is your favorite? The green or the yellow color one?

I like the yellow color one because a yellow color banana is ready to be eaten and the green one is not. LOL…..

If you like the yellow color click the big picture and if you like the green color click here to find out more.

Seriously this bed really looks like a realistic banana. I love eating bananas and these two bananas look very attractive.

Too bad kitties don’t eat bananas, but they certainly look very cute when using it.

The opening or the lid for the relaxing place is adorable too. It is exactly like we are peeling off the skin of the banana.

If you take a closer look at this bed, it also looks like a little yellow boat when the lid is opened.

Anyway, the last I checked these items have three available sizes for both colors and the small size is not available. Please note the following measurements are approximate.

The medium size is 21.7″L x 7.9″W x 5.9″H, large size is 26.7″L x 9.8″W x 7″H and extra large size is about 35″L x 12″W x 8″H.

You do understand, the bigger they are the more it will cost to buy. If you like this design, I think getting the biggest size is better since you don’t know if your pet is going to grow out of it.

As you know sometimes your pet might eat a lot and they might become overweight, so having the bigger size is better. That way it should have plenty of room for them to grow and be more comfortable and relaxed.

Speaking of overweight, I have to help my husband lose weight since he loves eating sweets and losing weight is very hard. Well, at least he is making progress.

You should get the extra large sized one if your cat or pet weighs more than 12 pounds or a large size for pets within 10 pounds or a medium size for your pet within 6 pounds. I hope that has given you some idea of which size to pick for your cat.


This item is too cute to pass up. Its selling point is its soft, bright color and comfort with elastic sponge as material.

When the lid is closed, it still has air circulating in and out, so you don’t have to worry that no air is coming in to the bed for your kitty.

How to Clean This Item?

It’s recommended for you to hand wash this item with a little disinfectant added and let it either sun dry or air dry. That means it is NOT recommended to put it in a dryer.


✅ Pros:

  • Not only is your kitty cute but also this banana is super cute too. It adds more adorableness and cuteness to your life.
  • A cozy and private place for your little best friend to rest and keep warm.
  • Reasonable price

❌ Cons:

  • The Velcro part on the lid for closure needs to be stronger on the stitches. If the stitching comes loose, you might be able to patch it up.

If this banana style bed doesn’t get your love then give the flamingo style a try by clicking here to read more.

✅ Bottom Line: This is a great bed for your kitty to use. It adds more decoration to your house. Click here to buy or to see more pictures that have been uploaded by other cat owners.

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