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Christmas Inflatable Bumble

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You will find several different sizes of Christmas inflatable bumble such as 3, 4, 8 foot, and the biggest available size showing on here is the 12 foot tall one. There are two different designs to select from.

I tried to sort out the ones that I think are the best and have higher average ratings.

The one that has a higher average rating is usually likely to have a more satisfying purchase. This is how I usually shop with my purchases.

12 Foot Bumble

Below is the one that is 12 feet tall. It is really tall and big. This design shows Bumble standing up and wearing a red Santa hat with a scarf on his neck. One of his hands is holding a shiny yellow star. He is also showing a big happy smiley face.

This one might not be a good idea to set up for indoor decoration. It is just too tall. It might not fit in your house unless you have a very high ceiling that is over 12 feet tall. So it is best to use this one for outdoor decorations.

This is made with polyester, iron and plastic materials. The inflated measurement for this inflatable is 118.9 inches D x 74.8 inches W x 144.1 inches H. It includes everything required to set up, like tethers and yard stakes to secure it in place.

It only takes seconds to inflate it. Deflating this for storage is easy too. If you are wondering, the power cord is 5 feet long. It should be long enough to plug into your outdoor house outlet.

Christmas Inflatable Bumble12 Feet Tall Bumble

Oh right, I almost forgot to mention this will also light up for night time viewing. Since it is so big with the internal lights on, the night time view is awesome.

8 Feet Pre-lit Inflatable Bumble

The design for this one is almost the same as the above 12 foot one except the size . This one is 8 feet tall with a LED light for night time viewing.

It doesn’t require any assembly other than plugging it into the outlet and staking it down to secure it. The power cord for this one is also 5 feet long with the same materials as the above. So it is a matter of which size you want to go with, the 12 foot or the 8 foot tall one.

8 Feet Pre-lit Inflatable Bumble8 Feet Pre-lit Bumble

Bumble 3 and 4 Feet Airblown

This style features Bumble sitting down holding a star. He is also wearing a red Santa hat and scarf. Below is a smaller size of 3 to 4 feet tall inflatables. The right side picture is the one that is 3 feet tall. Click the pictures or buy buttons to find out the current selling price.

4 Feet Bumble Airblown4 Feet Bumble AirblownGemmy Airblown 3 Feet BumbleGemmy Airblown 3 Feet Bumble

Tip: Try not to plug in your inflatable 24/7. Doing so might burn out the motor. Unplug it and let it rest every once in a while, like at night time. This way it might last longer and it might save a little bit of electricity.


Christmas Inflatable Bumble
Christmas Inflatable Bumble

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