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Fish Shaped Cave Cat Bed In Red Color

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Your kitty wouldn’t miss finding this fish shaped cave cat bed at its location since it is in red color. A red color object is usually easy to spot.

This style also comes in beige color. Click here to take a look. Isn’t it nice and funny to see a cat coming out of a fish’s mouth instead of the kitty’s?

Well, a fish is supposed go into the cat’s mouth because kitties like to eat fish and that’s why I thought it is funny.

This one is good for any kittens or cats weighing up to 12 pounds. This can be used for puppies or dogs as well as long as your pet weighs in that range.

To give you a better overview of this item, here are the following measurements. It is about 22″ L x 13″ W x 12″ H.

I hope this helps to assist you in making a better decision of purchasing it or not.


The selling point for this item is fade resistance and it is made with organic cotton. It will not deform since elastic sponge is used as part of the material and the sponge is in high quality and with thickness.

How To Care For This Item?

I am happy to say this is okay to wash with your washing machine. Sometimes, we do have a busy schedule and want things to get done as soon as possible.

So it is understandable. In my opinion it is better to wash it by your hand if you have time to do so. If you hand wash things they usually last longer.

When you need to wash it and choose to hand wash, first you should add a little disinfectant to clean it and then let it sun dry.

If you choose to use the washing machine, please put it on a gentle cycle setting with cold water and let it sun dry. You shouldn’t put it in your dryer.


This style is one of the fish designs I like a lot. The rating for this one is very good, but to be fair it came out not that long ago in the market so it doesn’t really have that many reviews from users.

✅ Pros:

  • High quality made
  • Looks super cute
  • Both cat and owner approved

❌ Cons:

As of today March 3, 2019, there are no cons that I can find online and that is very good, but one user wishes it came in an even larger size so that the bed can grow along with the cat.

✅ Bottom Line: This is a nice looking cat cave for your pet to use and it is easy for clean up and travel. Click here to buy this style of fish shaped bed or here to check out other styles.

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