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Inflatable Christmas Pig

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Piggy fans you might love these two styles of inflatable Christmas pigs. These pigs look super cute and they are in pink and red colors.

They are an excellent choice to be used for Christmas decorations. They will also brighten up your Christmas day.

Seriously. how often do you get to see a pig on Christmas day? I think a lot of you might not even see a real pig in real life, but I happened to see a few when I was a kid.

The only reason I happened to see them is because my mom raised quite a few of them. They turned out to be very big.

I could tell they were bigger than me the last time I saw them. I sure do miss them.

Anyway, the pigs on here are a lot more adorable than the ones we owned and they will get a lot more attention from your neighbors, not to mention they will stay quiet for you for the entire Christmas.

Pink Inflatable Pig With Snowflakes

This piggy is wearing a red Santa hat with snowflakes on its back and is looking up in the sky. It is obviously enjoying the view of the falling snow since its back has some snow on it.

The piggy is about 4 feet tall or 48 inches. It can be used for indoors or outdoors since it is not that big. It will light up. This will make it excellent for night time viewing. It self inflates and deflates for easy storage.

Inflatable Christmas Pig

✅ Bottom Line: This one is pretty popular among consumers. It does have a pretty good average rating. That means more happy users with this item. If I have to choose between this one and the one below, I most likely would choose this one with the snowflakes. It is due to the price being a lot more affordable when I just checked between these two. Click here to read reviews.

Another Piggy Inflatable With Scarf

To be honest, I find the below design a little more adorable than the above one, but it is less popular though. This one is about 3 feet tall. Everything is included for setting up. Nowadays setting up inflatables is pretty darn simple.

All you have to do is just plug it in a standard outlet and it will inflate for you by itself. Deflating it is super easy too, just unplug it and that is it.

This little piggy also lights up for night time admiration. The scarf on the pig can be removed, but you have to do it very carefully. I think it is pretty nice with the scarf on the pig.

Piggy Inflatable With Scarf

✅ Bottom Line: This is also a nice looking inflatable pig. Please watch the below video to see it in action. The little boy in the video seems to like it a lot. If not he wouldn’t be playing with it. The video is about 2 minutes long. Happy Holidays!

Tip: If you decided to get any of the inflatables for Christmas decoration, please do not let it run 24/7. By doing so it might burn out the motor. I would suggest unplugging it every once in a while for it to rest. This way it might last longer. There are users who plugged it in 24/7 for a whole week, and it was fine though.


Pig Christmas Inflatable
Pig Christmas Inflatable

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